Sunday, February 24, 2013

Impulsive Purchasing

I'll admit that I spend way too much money for technology. But, who can blame me? The marketing departments for both Sony and Microsoft have been getting me good these past couple of weeks. Recently, Sony released the Classic White PS3, bundled with a free year of Playstation Plus and 500GB hard drive capacity. I just had to. I can't let that kind of deal slip away. Damn you Sony.

Now, I'm eyeing the current Xbox 360 deal that comes bundled up with Skyrim and Forza 4. I do currently own Skyrim and a 1st Generation Xbox 360 (ugh), but what's making me want to make this purchase is its 250GB hard drive space. I'm a content fanatic. DLCs, map packs, games-on-demand, etc etc. My measly 20GB hard drive can barely handle the Rock Band songs I've accumulated since 2008. I even had to delete some songs in order to install the multiplayer content for Halo 4, which was a massive 3.5GB. I'm currenly sitting on 56MB of free space. Microsoft stopped manufacturing larger hard drives for the older 360s, and I'm definitely not going near the ones that were refurbished by GameStop. These dark days must end.

So, yeah, I'm gonna get that bundle.

Enough about consoles. Let's move on to my more favorable gaming platform. My PC is going to get lots of love when I finally get my hands on the new Titan graphics card from Nvidia GeForce. While this card might hit retail with a pretty hefty price tag of close to $1000, I might have to wait a bit for the cost to go down. Besides, the card might be overkill for the current games I have installed for my PC. It would be interesting to see this thing put into action with Watch DogsDestiny, or any of the upcoming games with high graphics.

That's it for now. Soon I'll be posting up a series of blog posts about my recent attempts at playing JRPGs with the wifey. I will throw in a few posts about WoW and my thoughts on the upcoming console generation.

See ya.

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