Monday, February 25, 2013

JRPGs With My Wifey (Part 2)

After popping in Ni no Kuni into the PS3, Grace and I were immediately drawn to the animation and the voice acting. It definitely felt like something from Studio Ghibli. After several cutscenes and tutorials, we finally got to start the real journey of Ni no Kuni.

While watching Grace at the sticks controlling little Oliver, I began to realize that our styles of gameplay are very different. She's in it for the story, and wants to reach the next objective as soon as possible. She would serpentine her way through trash mobs in order to get to the next boss, the next city, the next waypoint. That's not my style. I couldn't bear to see all the leveling opportunities and treasure that she would pass up.

Then I would get my chance on the controller. I'm a perfectionist, a completionist. I'm maybe a little obsessive. No matter. I would backtrack to whatever Grace had missed. I will explore every far-away corner of a dungeon, open every possible treasure chest, and run the little tedious errands the little people of Ni no Kuni would have for me. I would look over and see Grace napping or looking something up on her phone, obviously bored of what I was doing in the game. I kept telling here that I was almost done with what I'm doing, and that I'll get to the next boss fight or objective for her.

Several hours later, I would still be on the sticks, and Grace would be fast asleep right next to me.

She'll get her next turn the following day.

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