Monday, February 25, 2013

Officer Chat: My Dying Realm

My main character is Tensoon, a Draenei Retribution Paladin on Cenarius. I lead Legends of Lightside, a casual raiding guild with two dedicated 10-man raid teams. I've been leading this guild since December of 2009, when everyone was pushing for a Lich King kill. As a guild, we've come across numerous obstacles that prevented us from reaching certain goals. They range from attendance issues for raids, to guild drama caused by a disgruntled guild veteran. But nothing quite like this.

We lost a couple of members due to real life, whatever that means. That's fine, I don't care. People are free to do what they want. I'm sure there are other players I can recruit into Legends of Lightside. I just have to dedicate half an hour seeking people out in the Looking For Group channel.

Okay, maybe another half hour, and I'll find someone.

Good thing I had a lot of Ghost Iron Ore to smelt, because no one is replying.

I'll give it another hour, maybe?

Still no replies.

After hitting my guild recruitment macro for what felt like the one-millionth time, I panned through the chat window and found that I was the only one in the chat. The last few lines of chat were from me, actively recruiting for my guild. I'm no spammer, I made sure I gave my macro key a five-minute rest between each hit. This was during prime time, too. It's 6pm server time, and no one else is chatting. No pug groups recruiting, no other guilds recruiting, no one wanting to buy or sell something. It was just me.

Then came raid time. I wasn't able to find any new guild members, but maybe I'll have more luck pugging the last two spots for the raid group. What better way to recruit for a guild than to show off how good we are in a raid?

What? No replies? But it's Terrace of the Endless Springs. Who would be crazy enough to pass that up? Surely, it must be a holiday for it to be so empty online. But Valentine's Day was a couple of weeks ago. There must be another explanation.

There is: It's because my realm is dying.

Cenarius is a realm that favors the Alliance, and is listed as a medium-population server. Unfortunately, it's feeling like a low-population realm. It never occurred to me that I would have to figure out what to do with my guild in a dying realm. I always thought recruitment would be no problem, but no one is playing anymore. I understand that people are a little bored of the current content. It seems that people ran LFR a few times at the beginning, then decided to unsubscribe until new content is released. My guild members are starting to worry as well. The auction house is empty, and no one can turn a profit from the items in our guild bank. They are growing sick and tired from not being able to raid on a weekly basis due to the lack of pugs or new guild members. Our second raid team is facing the same problem, but merging our two groups would be a mess.

What to do?

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