Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Starting Anew

Upon finding that my home realm has become less populated with active players, members of my guild suggested that we pack our bags and check out a high-population server. We all thought about it for a little bit before making a move. A lot of ideas were being discussed, and we were even doing research on certain realms that we would like to try out. We also talked about whether or not we want to transfer any of our level 90's.

After some time, it was finally decided that we are gonna have a temporary run on Mal'Ganis. Fresh new characters, no level 90's, and that we would create a guild for our new characters. We are also going to be playing as the Horde.

Wait. The Horde?

Sure, why not?

I started my World of Warcraft tenure as a member of the Horde. My first character was a Blood Elf Rogue (I had joined after Burning Crusade released). It should be familiar territory. So I went ahead and created another Paladin, since there's no way I'm going to transfer Tensoon over. Thus, Torquentine was created. A few other guildmates made Tauren, and we quickly ran through the first few quests in Mulgore to get ourselves some levels. After that, we decided to skip head over to Thunderbluff and catch a zeppelin to Orgrimmar.

The city has changed a lot from what I remember. I haven't visited Orgimmar in years. I couldn't recall where everything was, so it took me some time and a few clicks with the town guards to get familiar with the area. The place is so spacious and full of life. And I'm not exaggerating when I say full of life. I've never seen so many people in the middle of a city, or grouped around at the auction house. They weren't kidding when they listed Mal'Ganis as a high-population realm. It's nuts. People everywhere!

Now my friends and I just need to get ourselves to level 90 so we can start raiding, and see what this realm can do for my guild.

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