Friday, March 1, 2013

We're Moving

Mal'Ganis has been treating me and my guild well so far. So well that we're going to be moving in permanently. I had already seen this move coming from the start. We hardly logged on to Cenarius with our main characters, but when we did we would quickly log back over to Mal'Ganis. This realm just has so much activity. It feels like a whole new game. We're just having a lot of fun. Our Ventrilo lobbies are more active, guild members are helping each other out, and our guild has already gotten to level 8 in just a few days.

A few guild members even transferred their secondary 90's to the realm in order to quickly handle any one who attempts to gank us while leveling our new characters. It's refreshing getting the guild together just to level and hang out, without the pressures of having scheduled raids and whatnot.

We are going to raid eventually, though. We've taken on more of a casual approach to the game for now, and it's working out for us. When the time comes, we will start raiding again. A lot of us are close to level 90, while others started working on gearing their secondary 90's, so that time will come pretty soon. I'm sure the rest of the guild are appreciative of the little time off from raiding, especially following our setbacks over at Cenarius. Things will turn around. The closer we get ourselves to 90, the more eager we will be to raid.

I was pressured into joining everyone in transferring a secondary 90, so I decided to bring over my Rogue and renamed him Ashweather. He is horribly equipped, but I'm steadily getting him up there. I'll add his Armory profile over to the side so you may check out his slow progress. I'll be making Ashweather the character I use to be guild master, and I'll be raiding with him as well when the time comes. I've never raided with my Rogue, since he was a late addition to my small collection of 90's. I'm slowly learning the ins and outs of the Combat spec, and it's pretty fun so far.

That's it for now. There are a few things that I'm not particularly fond of in Mal'Ganis, but I'll post that up later.

See ya.

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