Monday, August 19, 2013

See You Later, Azeroth

After several long years playing World of Warcraft almost nonstop, I think it's time to call it quits, at least temporarily. The game has become less enjoyable each week. The game's content seems drab. There is also the very famous topic of WoW's population decrease, which turned what used to be a very lively and social video game to a ghost town. Every time I manage to get my guild together to do a weekly raid, or after sitting around for over an hour trying to fill up a raid group, I immediately want to log off and do something else. I tried to stick with it, but it's just not fun anymore.

I actually have not played in over a month. Partly due to the busy summer season at work, but mostly because I've found better games to play during my free time. I've been playing League of Legends with my wifey a lot lately, and I found that hundred times more fun than doing daily quests. Even my friends and guild mates have ventured off to find other games for us to play in order to break free from the boredom associated with WoW. I even revisited console gaming to tackle my huge backlog of games that I need to beat.

A guild mate recently texted me asking if we could get the guild together to try out a new MMO. I immediately wished him good luck, since I'm sure most of us are pretty much done with MMOs. There really wasn't much out there for us. We tried Guild Wars 2, and that was enjoyable to a little bit. We even had a quick stint with The Old Republic.

We even gave Ragnarok Online 2 a shot. We leveled up twice, then uninstalled. I do have to rant about this since I was a huge fan of the original Ragnarok Online, but that'll be for a future blog post.

I didn't end my WoW subscription yet. I still feel very loyal to the Blizzard brand, and I have complete faith that they will eventually do something about the drop in population and their dull content. I just have to take a little break from it all while they get that sorted out.

See you later, Azeroth.

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